İnsan, yaşam serüveni sırasında biriktirdiği anlarla var olur. Hayatta her şeyin bir zamanı vardır, ve o zaman geldiğinde sadece o andan ibaret oluruz. MOMENTO markası, zamanın önemini ve sadeliği, zamansız tasarımlarıyla sizlerler buluşturuyor.

the MOMENTO way of life


MOMENTO combines artistic and minimalist approach, and offers exclusive pieces to its customers. Designs reflect the minimalism of time; unique and simple as a moment. We see the way we dress or pin a piece of jewelry as a way of revealing our personality. We would like to represent a lifestyle and satisfy our customers artistic and remarkable souls. We do not only manufacture a piece of jewelry, we create values that will last longer and inspire us. Our differentiation point is to use silver as our main raw material and use semi-precious stones in some of our designs, we prioritize quality of our products and consumer satisfaction. "For elegant, artistic and modern jewelry lover, MOMENTO is the way to express their unique style from a minimalistic approach which provides high quality original designs, because MOMENTO believes that a piece jewelry reflect the genuine persona."