Introduction to Minimal Art

Minimal Art is a school of abstract painting and sculpture where any kind of personal expression is kept to a minimum, in order to give the work a completely literal presence. The resulting work is characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a deliberate lack of expressive content..

The central principle is that not the artist’s expression, but the medium and materials of the work are its reality. In other words: a work of art should not refer to anything other than itself. As minimalist painter Frank Stella once said: “What you see is what you see”.

Minimal Art emerged as a trend in the late 1950s and flourished particularly in the 1960s and 1970s. It is also referred to as ABC art, literal art, literalism, reductivism, and rejective art.

Two Open Modular Cubes/Half-Off 1972 by Sol LeWitt 1928-2007
Hyena Stomp 1962 by Frank Stella born 1936
Untitled 1965, reconstructed 1971 by Robert Morris born 1931


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